Congress needs to fix itself in 2012

The House faces the serious challenge of dealing with a do-nothing Senate that protects the liberal agenda of...

Ernest Istook January 12, 2012

Obama's International Military Policy--Revolutions "R" U.S.?

Our capricious President's taken it on himself to back cheap, safe and convenient regime overthrows.

Ernest Istook October 28, 2011

Secrecy in Budget Talks to Obama's Advantage

By bowing to closed-door wrangling, the GOP has allowed the President to skew the actual cuts he's put on the...

Ernest Istook July 20, 2011

Childish Attacks on Paul Ryan's Budget Get House Nowhere

The congressman has taken on the serious fiscal problems threatening our country, and Democrats need to grow...

Ernest Istook April 6, 2011

The 'Untouchable' $23.6 Billion ObamaCare Fallacy

Congress has the legislative means to strip its spending plan of money in use right now to fund the unpopular...

Ernest Istook March 16, 2011

Now's the Time to Defund ObamaCare

House Republicans must act this week to put the unpopular health care law on the chopping block--and live up...

Ernest Istook February 15, 2011

Reforming Congressional Culture: A Four-Step Plan

The Heritage Foundation offers a plan to restore power to rank-and-file federal representatives as a way of...

Ernest Istook November 1, 2010

It's Time to Foreclose on Big Government

The biggest foreclosure may yet be coming.

Ernest Istook October 16, 2010

Duck Season Opens

The post-election lame-duck session of Congress could turn into a zoo.

Ernest Istook October 7, 2010

Making the Tough Choice

Must President Obama and his class warriors insist that some can be saved from January’s automatic tax...

Ernest Istook September 16, 2010

How Obama Mis-Spent His Summer Vacation

Obama's 'Summer of Recovery' was not mission accomplished.

Ernest Istook September 10, 2010

Beating Up Lieberman Is Cover-Up for Dems' Problems

The Left is lost without a villain. You can't have victims without one.

Ernest Istook December 21, 2009

Obama Invites Heaping of Afghan Blame on Bush

This attitude resembles how leftists blame society for causing crime, rather than blaming the crooks.

Ernest Istook December 4, 2009

Congress' Light Bulb Law: Not So Bright

Big problems with the new-fangled light bulbs Congress is forcing on us.

Ernest Istook October 19, 2009