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Ms. Andersen is a news producer and reporter for HUMAN EVENTS. She previously interned for The Washington Examiner newspaper. She has appeared on MSNBC and Fox News. She has also been a guest on the Lars Larson radio show and the Jim Bohannon radio show. E-mail her at

Obama's 'Change' Campaign Just a Word

Obama has many big goals but few ideas on how they will actually be achieved.

eandersen January 9, 2008

Obama Steps Up

National poll leader Hillary Clinton suffered a dramatic loss last night in Iowa, coming in third behind John...

eandersen January 4, 2008

The Liberal Egotism of Barack Obama

He says he represents change but Obama's words are thick with the liberal agenda of big government.

eandersen January 2, 2008

Ominous Omnibus Bill

In the end, this confusing budget bill isn't going to make Democrats or Republicans happy.

eandersen December 18, 2007

Experts Say '08 Still 'Very Fluid'

Based on previous presidential elections, it's too early to take even your best guess.

eandersen December 14, 2007

Romney, Thompson Winners in Last Debate Before Iowa

In the last debate before the Iowa caucuses, Republican candidates paddled through another juvenile...

eandersen December 13, 2007

Republicans Won't Budge on Omnibus Bill

Top Republican leaders refuse to pass Democrats' outrageous spending bill. Our troops deserve better.

eandersen December 12, 2007

'Article VI' Investigates How Religion Influences Voters

A new documentary on religion and politics in America hits the screen just as these topics heat up as an...

eandersen December 10, 2007

Alexander Scores Key GOP Leadership Spot

Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) won a landslide vote to become the new chairman of the Senate...

eandersen December 6, 2007

There's More to the Keith Kerr Story

What did CNN know and when did they know it?

eandersen November 29, 2007

The Media 'Whitewash' of Hillary Clinton

L. Brent Bozell's "Whitewash" reminds everyone of Hillary Clinton's scandalous past and proves the media...

eandersen November 28, 2007

The Death of the Grown-up: A Dangerous Truth

Washington Times' Columnist Diana West's new book highlights the scary epidemic of immaturity that is pushing...

eandersen November 27, 2007

The Libel Tourist: Silencing Free Speech

Litigious Saudi Arabians -- making use of plaintiff-friendly British libel laws --  have imposed...

eandersen November 21, 2007

Coburn and DeMint Talk Fiscal Policy

At the Freedworks Liberty Summit, Sen. Tom Coburn and Sen. Jim DeMint offered Americans a bit of freedom...

eandersen November 16, 2007