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Ms. Andersen is a news producer and reporter for HUMAN EVENTS. She previously interned for The Washington Examiner newspaper. She has appeared on MSNBC and Fox News. She has also been a guest on the Lars Larson radio show and the Jim Bohannon radio show. E-mail her at

Warner Pushes for National Speed Limit

Virginia Sen. John Warner's take on conserving energy is not popular with American voters.

eandersen July 14, 2008

Life Prizes to Inspire Pro-Life Heroes

Reward those who preserve the culture of life with their actions and dedication.

eandersen July 10, 2008

Colombia Free Trade Agreement in Trouble

By stalling a vote on the CFTA, the U.S. weakens a bond with a strong international ally.

eandersen July 4, 2008

The Racism and Politics of Planned Parenthood

Targeting blacks and playing politics with your money.

eandersen June 30, 2008

Gas Price Reduction Plan Revealed

The Gas Price Reduction Act: A long term, bipartisan solution to the energy crisis in America.

eandersen June 27, 2008

Paul Ryan's Economic Road Map

Political "roadmaps" haven’t fared well in recent history but this one may be...

eandersen June 25, 2008

FISA Compromise Announced

National security is back in style with the latest move.

eandersen June 20, 2008

Bush Wants to Drill Offshore

Will the Dems stop him from pursuing necessary steps?

eandersen June 19, 2008

Ingraham, Pence Join to Demand Broadcaster Freedom

Hill Rally seeks House vote on bill to ban return of "Fairness Doctrine."

eandersen June 12, 2008

McCain and Obama Square Off

John McCain’s national campaign finally has an identified adversary: Barack Obama, despite Hillary...

eandersen June 5, 2008

Greg Craig: Obama's Next Thorn

One of Barack Obama's top advisors also defends criminals, terrorists and now, the accused murderer of a U.S....

eandersen June 4, 2008

Their Good Name

CACI’s response to the Abu Ghraib scandal is a model for other companies to follow

eandersen June 2, 2008

The ACLU v. Good Judges

Appointing the right federal and local judges is more important than electing members of Congress or the...

eandersen May 28, 2008

Obama Now Unstoppable -- Almost

Clinton will not let go and Obama won't yet declare the nomination his own.

eandersen May 21, 2008