Articles by Emily Miller

Miss Miller is a senior editor at The Washington Times and former HUMAN EVENTS columnist. Previously, she served as the Deputy Press Secretary at the U.S. Department of State and the Communications Director for the House Majority Whip. Miller also served as an Associate Producer at ABC News and started her career at NBC News. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Emily Miller on Fox Business

Emily Miller, a columnist and editor at The Washington Times, spoke on the Fox Business channel May 3 from...

Emily Miller June 30, 2013

Miller: The New York Times is a tool of Brady Campaign

Read how the nation's so-called paper of record twists facts, quotes for the anti-gun agenda.

Emily Miller June 1, 2013

Miller: Connecticut tragedy

As I write this, the initial police reports say that the alleged killer, Adam Lanza, used his mother's guns,...

Emily Miller December 16, 2012

Emily Gets Her Gun: Donald Trump's guns

I interviewed the real estate mogul in Florida during the Republican convention in late August and asked him...

Emily Miller December 2, 2012

Ryan is first on Second Amendment

Gun owners now have one of their own on a presidential ticket. Rep. Paul Ryan recalled ???deer camp over in...

Emily Miller August 21, 2012

When only criminals have guns

In the nation???s capital, it???s a fair question to ask: Who gets the better deal, innocent citizens who...

Emily Miller August 14, 2012

Banning "high-capacity" magazines

Gun grabbers wasted no time exploiting Friday???s shooting in Aurora, Colo., by calling for more restrictive...

Emily Miller August 7, 2012

The assault on weapons

Gun grabbers wasted no time exploiting Friday???s shooting in Aurora, Colo., by calling for more restrictive...

Emily Miller July 31, 2012

A scarlet letter for guns

Lawmakers  in Prince George???s County, Md. hate guns so much they want to brand  anyone convicted of...

Emily Miller July 24, 2012

The new guide to getting a gun in D.C.

While there are a few guides online about getting a legal gun in D.C., they are all outdated. Anything...

Emily Miller July 17, 2012

Gunning for D.C.

The District???s refusal to recognize the full meaning of the Second Amendment may not last much longer. A...

Emily Miller July 10, 2012

D.C. arrests vet for unregistered ammunition -- part 1

In September 2011, former Army Specialist Meckler was arrested at the VFW in the District because he happened...

Emily Miller July 3, 2012

D.C. police damage soldier???s guns

Army First Lt. Augustine Kim???s finally got the Washington Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) to return...

Emily Miller June 26, 2012

SWAT rampage destroys Iraq vet's home over guns

While Army Sgt. Matthew Corrigan was sound asleep inside his Northwest D.C. home, the Metropolitan Police...

Emily Miller June 5, 2012