Making Both Love and War

When a female soldier gets pregnant, what’s a commanding general to do?

ddonnelly January 13, 2010

Media Spins 'Pentagon' Support for Gays in the Military

It doesn’t take much to get the major liberal media excited about imagined progress for the Gays in the...

ddonnelly October 26, 2009

Fehrenbach: New Tactic Pushing for Gays in the Military

Campaign for gays in the military have made those like Lt. Col. Fehrenbach their poster child, but it should...

ddonnelly September 3, 2009

Murphy's (LGBT) Law for the Military

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong with gays in the military.

ddonnelly July 31, 2009

1,000+ Retired Officers Change Debate on Gays in the Military

Military officers try to protect "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" from a repeal by Congress, calling it "a matter of...

ddonnelly April 10, 2009

PM Polemic for Gays in the Military

The campaign to enable homosexuals to serve openly in the military has escalated beyond public relations into...

ddonnelly July 15, 2008

Presidential Candidates Change Answers on Homosexual Issues

Where do the candidates stand on defense and social policies? Sometimes it's hard to tell.

ddonnelly December 18, 2007

Kennedy's 'Hate Crimes' Help for the Military

Senator Edward Kennedy wants to add a "hate crimes" amendment to the National Defense Authorization Bill --...

ddonnelly November 9, 2007

Gen. Pace and the PC Police

He should not apologize for supporting the law excluding gays from the military

ddonnelly March 15, 2007

Senators Must Question William Haynes on Women in Combat

One of the appellate nominees awaiting confirmation

ddonnelly September 19, 2006

William Haynes Needs to Explain Why Pentagon Put Women in Land Combat

Judicial nominee has hearing in Senate on Tuesday

ddonnelly July 11, 2006

Rumsfeld Dithers on Women in Combat

How will he address problematic personnel policies?Equal Pay Day: Feminists Bemoan the 'Wage Gap'

ddonnelly April 27, 2006

Sex Survey Scolding Unfair to Military Service Academies

Rumsfeld needs to put his foot down

ddonnelly February 8, 2006

Pentagon Doesn't Need an Office of Male Bashing

Imagine these scenarios:  A junior female soldier has an affair with an infantry officer in Iraq. ...

ddonnelly November 11, 2005