ETFs Aren???t Always the Way to Play Exotic Themes

By Hilary Kramer With the S&P 500 building a base and the VIX receding once again to historically...

Eagle Daily Investor December 14, 2018

Investment expert Hilary Kramer discusses the role that the Federal Reserve will play in influencing the...

Eagle Daily Investor December 7, 2018

Another Costly War Hits Wall Street

Dr. Mark Skousen discusses how a China-U.S. trade war would affect Wall Street.

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Big-Cap Tech Stocks Lead the Market???s Rebound

Investment expert Bryan Perry analyzes how tech stocks have helped shape the current market rebound.

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Why Value Shines When Volatility Picks Up

By Hilary Kramer While it can feel like the market has been going straight down since the quarter started,...

Eagle Daily Investor November 30, 2018

Who's Winning the Battle of Ideas -- Keynes, Marx or Adam Smith?

???America is trapped in a slow-growth iron cage. But it has all the keys that it needs to open the iron...

Eagle Daily Investor November 29, 2018

FANG Has Fractured, But Here???s the Real Falling Knife Sector to Avoid

It is a cold season for technology investors who hoped that the same handful of stocks that have led the...

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This Fund Focuses on U.S. Media Companies

In this article, Jim Woods evaluates an exchange traded fund that focuses on U.S. media companies and...

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The FANG Stocks Have Fractured, But Growth Rolls on Elsewhere

By Hilary Kramer Clouds are gathering across Silicon Valley. From Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Amazon...

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After Apple Corrects, Look for Real Market Leadership

Investing expert Hilary Kramer delves into Apple's prospects, results and recent correction.

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The FANG Isn???t Distorting Wall Street as Much as You Think

Big technology casts a vast, lopsided shadow across the modern market. Counting gigantic Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)...

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Working Longer, Trading Smarter: Longevity Stocks Change the Retirement Game

Investing expert Hilary Kramer discusses the impact of healthcare advances and working longer on how we look...

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Wake-up Call on the Sector Map

Investing expert Hilary Kramer discusses the official end of the telecom sector.

Eagle Daily Investor September 28, 2018

After the Storm: Market Lessons for Hurricane Season

As Hurricane Florence prepares to ravage North Carolina, investors can learn a few market lessons by studying...

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