Lookback: Behind the scenes of the Colorado recalls

Gun rights advocates, led by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, pulled off the state senate recalls that shocked the...

Danielle Thompson November 24, 2014

NSSF report: Hunting in the 50 states

Hunting for a cheap hobby? Try hunting.

Danielle Thompson September 28, 2014

Miniter on 'The Future of the Gun'

Miniter: Today's gun industry is developing better, safer guns, but the radical anti-gun lobby is standing...

Danielle Thompson August 24, 2014

Campus Carry comes to Idaho July 1

Despite opposition from academic liberals, Idaho made the move to make its colleges safer.

Danielle Thompson June 16, 2014

Guns in churches in the Land of Lincoln

Concealed carry has come to Illinois, but what about in the pews?

Danielle Thompson May 25, 2014

NAGR: These 12 men will protect your gun rights

The National Association for Gun Rights is working to elect its slate of endorsed candidates.

Danielle Thompson May 19, 2014

Colorado gun owners beat back 'mental health' gun control ruse

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners led the fight to defeat legislation that would have twisted the definition of...

Danielle Thompson May 7, 2014

Florida governor ducks, dodges 'warning shot' bill on his desk

Florida's governor campaigned as a defender of the Second Amendment, but he keeps gun rights advocates...

Danielle Thompson May 5, 2014

Missouri lawmakers seek to 'nullify' federal gun laws

"Show Me State" legislators look to show Democratic Governor Nixon a bill to defend their citizens from...

Danielle Thompson April 13, 2014

Thompson: My gun rights journey

NAGR spokeswoman describes how her dad's influence led her to join the fight to restore American gun rights.

Danielle Thompson March 30, 2014

Stockman, Miller bill restores veteran gun rights

Feds target veterans and take away their gun rights.

Danielle Thompson March 23, 2014

Surprise: Texas gun rights lagging

Despite its gun-toting reputation, The Lone Star State has highly restrictive gun laws that mirror more...

Danielle Thompson March 16, 2014

Idaho House votes for campus carry 50-19

Will Otter sign Idaho's campus carry bill? He ought 'er.

Danielle Thompson March 9, 2014

Gun grabbers pivot to mental health legislation

Those pushing such legislation are quick to claim that they are only interested in disarming those that are a...

Danielle Thompson March 2, 2014