The UN's (and the Administration's) Latest Travesty

The upcoming "Durban II" conference set to bash the U.S. and Israel...

dstone March 3, 2009

Somalia: Pirate Outlaws, Outlaw State

Even if the dilemma of Somalia is insoluble, it should not deter Western nations from efforts to defeat the...

dstone December 8, 2008

Amtrak: Not a Model Railroad

All aboard for large increases in pork barrel spending under the cover of relieving congestion and cutting...

dstone September 16, 2008

Michelle Obama: Hillary 2.0?

Democrats who are disappointed -- even angry -- that Hillary won’t be in the White House next year...

dstone July 7, 2008

Team Obama's Foreign Policy Is No Good

It isn’t too early to project what an Obama Administration might look like -- and it's not a comfortable...

dstone June 10, 2008

Burial at Arlington

Remembering Those Willing to Make the Ultimate Sacrifice.

dstone May 23, 2008

Lawfare: Bleeping with the Enemy

CAIR knows the power of strong arm legal jihad.

dstone May 14, 2008

Sarkozy at Eleven (Months)

He has not been the leader we thought but he still has time to recover.

dstone April 30, 2008

Last Commie Standing

Silvio Berlusconi will soon make a triumphant return as Prime Minister of the Italian Republic.

dstone April 23, 2008

Thugs Around the Torch

Chinese musclemen push and shove the olympic torch through Europe.

dstone April 16, 2008

Obama Parades his Chiefs of Staff

In the Obama camp, the endorsement by general and flag officers may be a bit revealing, not only for who is...

dstone April 9, 2008

Iranian Economy Unwisely Helped by Germany

The Germans gets it wrong yet again.

dstone March 21, 2008

Law of the Sea Treaty: Tunnel Vision on the Oceans

America must reject the Law of the Sea Treaty.

dstone February 28, 2008