Articles by ggiles's creator and host Doug Giles is noted for his no-holds-barred political and ecclesiastical views and his vocal enthusiasm for big game hunting. His rowdy books are available on He's the dad of ACORN nutcracker Hannah Giles and NRA columnist and huntress Regis Giles.

Watch Antoine Dodson Rap on Biden's Rape-Remark Runaround

The urban showman joins the vice president.

ggiles November 3, 2011

Big Hearts & Big Bears

Wounded warriors find healing through hunting.

ggiles May 21, 2011

Raising Righteous and Rowdy Girls is for You, Dad

Teach your daughters to kick butt in the modern world with this guide for raising the female of the species.

ggiles April 7, 2011

Hey, Chris Matthews: I Like Big Guns and I Can Not Lie

As the old adage goes: "With guns, we are citizens. Without them, we are subjects."

ggiles February 1, 2011

Christianity with Cojones, Part 3

In Defense of Giving Offense.

ggiles January 7, 2011

Christianity with Cojones Part 2: Rebels With A Cause

They didn't just bow down to false gods.

ggiles January 1, 2011

Christianity with Cojones

Why men hate church.

ggiles December 16, 2010

If You Wanna Get Through Security

...Get a burka.

ggiles December 4, 2010

The TSA and Our T-'n-A

On my way back from Texas I got to see the TSA pat-down firsthand.

ggiles November 26, 2010

VIDEO: Teach Your Kid How to Sense BS

Today's lesson from the Chancellor and President of Giles University: On BS.

ggiles November 22, 2010

VIDEO: 10 Reasons Why Feminists Hate Palin

And oh how those dour democratic dames dislike her...

ggiles November 12, 2010

VIDEO: Being a Heretical SOB is Fun!

We, the conservative heretics, are here, and we're finally loud and righteously proud.

ggiles November 1, 2010

Whole Lotta Obama Kool Aid

VIDEO: It’s time for some more Obama Kool-Aid.

ggiles October 22, 2010

Liberal Black Chick Smacks White Conservative Reporter

Video: Liberal hypocrisy and tea party bashing.

ggiles October 12, 2010