Fragmentary economic numbers fail to tell the whole story

Should be taken with a large grain of salt,

Donald Lambro August 27, 2014

Brown investigation raises host of questions

Where all of this is going remains frustratingly unclear for the time being.

Donald Lambro August 20, 2014

Hillary can't escape her ties to Obama

"We've had enough of the Democrats. It's time for a change."

Donald Lambro August 15, 2014

While Dems are in decline, GOP must sell its message

The GOP's election agenda is not getting anywhere near the public attention it deserves.

Donald Lambro August 12, 2014

Hope for tax reform must await a new president

Obama does not understand what it will take to get the U.S. economy running again at full throttle.

Donald Lambro August 7, 2014

Obama's petulant whining won't change many minds

Obama has nearly two and a half years left to prove that his policies will work. So far, they haven't.

Donald Lambro August 6, 2014

Obama's claims of economic progress are mostly bunk

Repeat it long enough and people will believe it?

Donald Lambro July 31, 2014

On every policy level, Obama has made things worse

On Nov. 4, we will get a chance to tell him directly what we think of his presidency and his policies.

Donald Lambro July 31, 2014

Hard-working immigrants created the American colossus

We seem to have lost sight of our history in the battle over immigration.

Donald Lambro July 18, 2014

White House's global claims are wildly out of touch

Obama certainly hasn't ushered in an era of global tranquility, and he definitely hasn't given us a strong...

Donald Lambro July 17, 2014

Conversations with Reagan

There is a permanent structure in Washington that resists the reform efforts of even the best conservative...

Donald Lambro July 15, 2014

Obama enjoys a round of golf while Iraq disintegrates

Obama was jetting into Palm Springs, California, for 18 holes of golf.

Donald Lambro June 20, 2014

New EPA regulations are political gift for Republicans

Just when our economy is shrinking, President Obama wants to impose harsh environmental rules that will kill...

Donald Lambro June 5, 2014

Foes of reckless spending are blocked at every turn

Is there a courageous leader out there with the guts to save America from those who are recklessly spending...

Donald Lambro May 29, 2014

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