Obama still won't embrace pro-growth tactics

Obama's failures are the result of his refusal to accept reforms that have worked in the past and were...

Donald Lambro October 15, 2014

Administration's meltdown is reflected in the polls

It is becoming increasingly clear that President Obama's trouble-plagued administration is in the midst of a...

Donald Lambro October 9, 2014

Economy's poor performance hits middle class hard

The painfully underperforming Obama economy remains Topic A here in the nation's capital and across the...

Donald Lambro October 2, 2014

Political pressure finally forces Obama to act against ISIL

Barack Obama has broken the two most critical rules of warfare.

Donald Lambro October 1, 2014

Qualified GOP candidates abound for election in '16

It's a little too early to figure out who is leading in the GOP's 2016 sweepstakes.

Donald Lambro September 26, 2014

Happy days are (almost) here again for the GOP

A game-changing revolution is brewing across the nation's political landscape.

Donald Lambro September 24, 2014

Americans are ready for a change

It isn't a pretty picture.

Donald Lambro September 18, 2014

Hillary Clinton is ill-equipped to be president

Start with the weak, jobless Obama economy, about which Hillary, incredibly, has had little or nothing to say.

Donald Lambro September 17, 2014

Slapdash response to terrorism appears politically driven

Six years later, facing a broader and more lethal terrorist threat, Obama is now telling us why we need to go...

Donald Lambro September 12, 2014

The economy is still No. 1 issue for voters

Weak job creation, which has been the shameful hallmark of the Obama economy, went from bad to worse last...

Donald Lambro September 10, 2014

Obama's foreign policy: Speak softly and carry no stick

President Obama's handling of foreign policy is coming under increasing criticism at home, from friends and...

Donald Lambro September 5, 2014

No matter what Obama says, this economy is still painfully weak and unemployment is much higher than the fed reports

This economy still remains weak on most of the big measurements.

Donald Lambro September 4, 2014

Obama dithers and delays in search of a strategy

One of the critical rules of warfare is to never let the enemy know your plans of how, when, and where you...

Donald Lambro September 3, 2014

Obama still stuck in tax-and-spend ideology

This year's budget deficit alone will be half a trillion dollars more than the U.S. Treasury takes in each...

Donald Lambro August 28, 2014