Schumer spells out Democratic dissent

Obama's performance in office performance is being attacked by major Democrats.

Donald Lambro December 3, 2014

Watch the vetoes pile up when the next Congress convenes

If you thought the bare-knuckled, no-holds-barred midterm elections were rough, the last two years of Barack...

Donald Lambro November 26, 2014

Data on jobs and income reveal economy still in recovery

President Obama's political barometer moved from bad to worse this week after his ill-conceived, illegal...

Donald Lambro November 26, 2014

More divided government and lots of vetoes loom ahead

More than likely, we're in for two more painful years of divided government and a lot of vetoes.

Donald Lambro November 21, 2014

Obama ignores election results to focus on his own agenda

President Obama and the Democrats are in a state of deep denial about the message the voters sent to...

Donald Lambro November 19, 2014

Obama increasingly seen as irrelevant on Capitol Hill

The Republican-run House and Democratic Senate now plan to vote to bypass Obama's stubborn opposition to the...

Donald Lambro November 14, 2014

New job figures are less than what they seem

Last month's new job figures, despite the news media's exaggerated response, fell well below the numbers...

Donald Lambro November 12, 2014

The president still doesn't have a clue

Did he ever?

Donald Lambro November 7, 2014

Hillary Clinton's economic knowledge is abysmally low

You won't hear a discouraging word from her about Obamanomics, either, which suggests she still thinks it's...

Donald Lambro November 5, 2014

Voters are ready for sweeping change

Voters are clearly ready for sweeping change, and that's the midterm message they are going to deliver loud...

Donald Lambro November 3, 2014

Beaten down and unpopular, Obama stays on the sidelines

Democrats will suffer.

Donald Lambro October 29, 2014

Obama is persona non grata even among his own party

Democratic candidates are distancing themselves from him or giving him the cold shoulder, while others refuse...

Donald Lambro October 24, 2014

Let's hope Klain's bad judgment doesn't extend to Ebola

What if Klain's judgment on future issues dealing with Ebola turns out to be just like his costly misjudgment...

Donald Lambro October 22, 2014

Cards stacked against Dems in midterms

President Obama and the Democrats face an outraged electorate that is turning into a perfect political storm.

Donald Lambro October 17, 2014