Hillary Clinton's Plans Will Weaken Obama Economy

Hillary Clinton's job-killing "growth and fairness" plan that calls for higher taxes certainly isn't fair and...

Donald Lambro July 15, 2015

Obama's Failing Report Card: ISIS Takes Ramadi and is 130 Miles From Damascus; Putin Takes Eastern Ukraine; Iran is Keeping Its Ability to Build Nuclear Weapons

Barack Obama's inept war against the resurgent Islamic State is becoming the major issue in the GOP's 2016...

Donald Lambro May 22, 2015

Clinton is clueless when it comes to the economy

She's talked about some issues, from income inequality to wage stagnation, and embraced bogus ideas President...

Donald Lambro March 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton's e-mail headaches are just beginning

If you despise transparency, but love secrecy and rule-bending in government, Hillary Clinton is your...

Donald Lambro March 11, 2015

Obama's tattered presidency is coming apart at the seams

If someone were writing a book about America at this point in time, it would be titled "The Decline and Fall...

Donald Lambro March 6, 2015

Obama's veto of Keystone Pipeline is all about politics

Obama does not think of the consequences of his actions or inactions.

Donald Lambro February 27, 2015

Many Americans still struggling in dismal Obama economy

The American people are waiting to see how lawmakers deal with the issues they care about most.

Donald Lambro February 25, 2015

Obama is getting hammered on multiple fronts

President Obama's administration was coming apart at the seams this week on several domestic and foreign...

Donald Lambro February 20, 2015

The race is already on for Republican hopefuls

The grueling political marathon for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination has begun.

Donald Lambro February 18, 2015

Dilly-dallying while ISIS rampages

President Obama is taking his sweet time deciding if he will respond to Kiev's urgent pleas for help in the...

Donald Lambro February 13, 2015

Media ignores Gallup CEO's 'big lie' accusation

The numbers do not count the millions of Americans who want and need full-time jobs but have settled for...

Donald Lambro February 11, 2015

President's advisors are leaving him to join Clinton

President Obama had a bad day at the office last week. His top advisers are leaving him in droves.

Donald Lambro February 9, 2015

Obama's budget is dead on arrival

President Obama wants Americans to foot the bill for the first $4 trillion budget in U.S. history.

Donald Lambro February 4, 2015

Republicans see opportunity in run-up to 2016 election

The race promises to be a massive political assault on Barack Obama's failed presidency.

Donald Lambro January 30, 2015