Articles by Derek Khanna

Derek Khanna is a Yale Law Fellow with the Information Society Project, columnist and policy expert. Until recently, he was a professional staff member for the House Republican Study Committee, where he authored the widely read House Republican Study Committee report ???Three Myths about Copyright Law.??? The report on copyright reform was praised throughout the tech community as being "brilliant" and a "breath of fresh air" and received praise from various conservative organizations and conservative legal scholars including Georgetown Law Professor Randy Barnett. Since leaving the Hill, Derek has spearheaded the campaign to legalize cell-phone unlocking, which resulted in a White House petition of 114,000 signatures, a White House endorsement, FCC investigation, and introduction of four bills in Congress. Derek has spoken at the Consumer Electronics Show, Freedom to Connect, South By South West and at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Derek was referred to as a ???rising star??? in the party by David Brooks in the New York Times and continues to be a major thought leader on technology issues and disruptive innovation.

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