American crusades and existential threats

The medieval Crusades made strategic sense.

Dr. Earl Tilford February 27, 2015

The future of war

As always, warfare, at whatever level, remains two thirds mental and one third physical.

Dr. Earl Tilford February 6, 2015

War by algebra defies the true nature of war

Fighting to win means committing ground forces. Above all, the president as commander-in-chief must lead.

Dr. Earl Tilford October 22, 2014

Air power's siren song

Air power is a powerful weapon, but its potential is best realized when used in conjunction with the...

Dr. Earl Tilford September 25, 2014

War: A matter of semantics

???Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind.???

Dr. Earl Tilford September 19, 2014

Do we have a war strategy for ISIS?

No amount of military force, bloodshed, or heroism can overcome a flawed strategy.

Dr. Earl Tilford September 15, 2014

Strategy 101: A primer for President Obama

Obama must clearly state a policy objective so the Pentagon can respond with an effective strategy to employ...

Dr. Earl Tilford September 4, 2014

Time for face time with Vladimir

What is a savvy former community organizer and social-justice activist to do when faced with a determined...

Dr. Earl Tilford August 21, 2014

The strategic imperative of ISIS: Deal with it now or die by it later

If the United States fails to lead a successful campaign, ISIS will entrench its terrorist caliphate in the...

Dr. Earl Tilford August 14, 2014