Debt Ceiling Deal Does Nearly Nothing

There is plenty to dislike about the recently enacted bipartisan deal to cut spending and reduce the national...

Deroy Murdock August 5, 2011

Profound Deficiencies Plague Debt Limit Talks

Team Obama's debt-limit negotiating position is fueled by a central non-sequitur, a core myth, and a...

Deroy Murdock July 15, 2011

Washington's War on Edison's Bulb Highlights Unintended Consequences

Courtesy of our federal masters, Americans are enduring a parade of unforeseen consequences from the...

Deroy Murdock July 8, 2011

Founding Fathers Were No Fans of Paper Money

What might America's Founders think if they saw Washington D.C.'s Bureau of Engraving and Printing today?

Deroy Murdock July 1, 2011

Willard Mitt Romney Doesn't Know Who He Is

Republicans recently have watched multiple Romneys at war with each other over abortion, ethanol, global...

Deroy Murdock June 24, 2011

Run, Rick, Run!

Texas governor Rick Perry, 61, could cure the GOP's boredom. As America's economy slumbers, Perry tells a...

Deroy Murdock June 17, 2011

GOP Medicare Reforms Need, Deserve Better Marketing

Republicans must defeat the Democrats' repulsive imagery of the GOP literally throwing Grandma to her death.

Deroy Murdock June 10, 2011

WikiLeaks Will Get Americans Killed

WikiLeakers are stunningly oblivious to the importance of secrecy in preserving our freedom and security.

Deroy Murdock December 20, 2010

As America Dithers...

...Rwanda follows free-market path to prosperity.

Deroy Murdock December 13, 2010

Time To Profile Terrorists At US Airports

Political correctness will only lead to innocent civilian deaths.

Deroy Murdock November 29, 2010

Even Secretariat Understood Death Tax's Cruelty

"No taxation without respiration!"

Deroy Murdock November 15, 2010

ObamaCare Repeal Gains at the Polls

Barely seven-months-old, this monstrosity has been a $2.5 trillion inoculation against future outbreaks of...

Deroy Murdock November 8, 2010

GOP Senate Hopefuls Offer New Ideas For 2011

GOP congressional challengers and incumbents are bursting with worthy ideas for repairing America.

Deroy Murdock November 2, 2010

Vote Fraud Woes Already Mar Mid-Term Elections

Step one is for the American people to march valiantly to the polls Tuesday and dislodge those who have...

Deroy Murdock November 1, 2010