Nearly $700 Billion Fester as Congress Scrambles for Cash

Democrats and Republicans are clobbering each other over how to finance a $185 billion, one-year extension of...

Deroy Murdock December 9, 2011

Obama Occupies Wall Street's Campaign Checkbook

Wall Street's bankers are among those whom Obama loves to hate. And yet he has pocketed their funds for years.

Deroy Murdock December 2, 2011

Puerto Rico's Gov. Fortuno Shows Washington the Way

We are clearly pro-growth, and we do not apologize for that.

Deroy Murdock November 18, 2011

Tuesday's Lessons From Ohio: Repeal and Replace ObamaCare

This dramatic rebuke illustrates how deeply Americans disdain the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Deroy Murdock November 11, 2011

Herman Cain Prospered as Big Cheese of Godfather's Pizza

Too bad this media storm has overwhelmed recent stories on a sunnier aspect of Cain's past.

Deroy Murdock November 4, 2011

Thank You, Netanyahu, For the Surge of Hardened Terrorists

Has the Israeli Prime Minister, previously counted among the toughest leaders in the civilized world, gone...

Deroy Murdock October 28, 2011

Obama Grows Government at Record-Shattering Pace

The President is the Barry Bonds of Big Government. He offers America liberalism on steroids.

Deroy Murdock October 21, 2011

Cain Dominates Airwaves as Perry Goes Dark

"Ninety percent of success is showing up," Woody Allen once observed.

Deroy Murdock October 14, 2011

Obama Proudly Declares Class War

It’s official: America is at class war, and President Barack Obama proudly leads the charge.

Deroy Murdock September 30, 2011

Barack Obama Needs Paul Ryan's Vision on Jobs, Taxes

Having learned nothing from the first failed stimulus, Obama recently unveiled Stimulus, Jr.

Deroy Murdock September 16, 2011

In Historic Match-Up, Reaganomics Trounces Obamanomics

So, how many jobs emerged in August 1983, the analogous point in Ronald Reagan’s presidency?

Deroy Murdock September 9, 2011

Labor Leaders Tell Obama: Stop Killing Jobs

As 9.1 percent unemployment plagues America this Labor Day, major unions are clashing with Obama.

Deroy Murdock September 2, 2011

Pro-Market Perry Pole-Vaults Over Milquetoast Mitt

Texas' governor beat Massachusetts' former governor 29 percent to 17 percent among Republicans.

Deroy Murdock August 26, 2011

Rich Liberals Want To Pay Higher Taxes--Let Them!

Some rich Americans will not rest until Washington boosts their taxes.

Deroy Murdock August 19, 2011