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Mr. Prager hosts a nationally syndicated radio talk show based in Los Angeles. He is the author of four books, most recently "Happiness is a Serious Problem" (HarperCollins). His website is

Why do American networks interview tyrants?

These obsequious interviews with tyrants and their spokesmen are a stain on our already stained news media.

Dennis Prager March 10, 2015

Why Obama so dislikes Netanyahu

Appeasers hate those who confront evil.

Dennis Prager March 3, 2015

The president and 'violent extremism'

What is he talking about? In America are Christians killing Jews? Jews killing Muslims? Buddhists killing...

Dennis Prager February 24, 2015

Why no swimsuit issue of men?

Why do the best educated believe nonsense about men and women?

Dennis Prager February 17, 2015

President compares Islam to Christianity

In our time, major religious violence is in fact "unique to some other place," namely the Islamic world.

Dennis Prager February 10, 2015

Oxford and the crisis of the university

Oxford may be prestigious, but it's also a depressing place.

Dennis Prager January 20, 2015

Islam gets special treatment

These PC professors and news media who treat Islam so much better than any other religion are literally...

Dennis Prager January 13, 2015

Pope Francis, the climate, and leftism

Pope Francis is about to issue an encyclical to the world's 5,000 bishops and 400,000 priests that tells us a...

Dennis Prager January 6, 2015

The greatest days of your life

Once you understand it, you will recognize how both life-changing and world-changing the Ten Commandments are.

Dennis Prager December 30, 2014

The worst sin

Is there one sin that's worse than the rest?

Dennis Prager December 23, 2014

Ph.D.'s and other false gods

I have been devoting my columns this month to the Ten Commandments because we need a fixed moral anchor to...

Dennis Prager December 16, 2014

You don't have to love your parents: The case for the Ten Commandments

We have to honor them.

Dennis Prager December 9, 2014

You can kill, but not murder: The case for the Ten Commandments

What does the ancient text actually say?

Dennis Prager December 2, 2014

We have a moral divide, not a racial one

There is no truth; there are only perceptions.

Dennis Prager November 25, 2014