If America Does Not Deal With the Deep State It May No Longer Be a Free State.

The persecution of General Flynn should alarm everyone. 

David Krayden May 18, 2020

Americans Celebrated VE-Day 75 Years Ago. Could We Do It Again?

It’s not obvious that our country could unify against Communist China.

David Krayden May 8, 2020

Joe Biden Isn’t Liking the Kavanaugh Treatment.

He should unseal his Delaware records anyway.

David Krayden May 1, 2020

America First Means China Last.

It’s time to bring our manufacturing back home.

David Krayden April 24, 2020

We Are Not Just Fighting a Pandemic, We Are Also Fighting To Keep Freedom Alive.

Conservatives should be wary of Democrats' attempt to take advantage of human tragedy.

David Krayden April 20, 2020

Pelosi and Schiff Want to Politicize Coronavirus with a Select Committee.

The Democrats paralyzed the country with impeachment; now they want to blame President Trump for the pandemic.

David Krayden April 10, 2020

Nobody Knows How to Politicize a Pandemic Like Nancy Pelosi.

The Speaker is using the coronavirus to push through legislation for her very wealthy, very loyal base.

David Krayden April 2, 2020

Coronavirus Is the Crisis that will Define Donald Trump’s Legacy.

Firm, decisive action in the face of a global pandemic will guarantee Trump a second term.

David Krayden March 25, 2020

Biden and Sanders Are Both Offering Socialism.

Don’t be fooled: The Democrats don’t have any meaningfully moderate candidates.

David Krayden March 23, 2020

What the Democrats Have Done During Coronavirus is Enough to Make You Sick.

They are more worried about semantics than saving lives.

David Krayden March 16, 2020

Never Trumpers Are Never Far From Embracing The Left.

Were Bill Kristol and his friends ever meaningfully conservative?

David Krayden March 5, 2020

The Difference Between Trump and Bloomberg.

One has more billions; the other has lots more common sense.

David Krayden February 24, 2020

Nancy Pelosi Rips Up Her Legacy.

The Speaker of the House has lost her bearings—just like her party.

David Krayden February 13, 2020

President’s Trump’s Realism.

The President is no ideologue; that’s what makes his foreign policy so effective.

David Krayden January 31, 2020