A Triumph for the President.

The Republican convention ends on a high note.

David Krayden August 28, 2020

The Republican Convention Is Going Well for President Trump.

The President and his team have been persuasive and effective.

David Krayden August 26, 2020

The Democratic Convention: Not Virtual Reality—But Virtually Unreal.

Joe Biden hopes that you’ll forget what his party has become.

David Krayden August 22, 2020

Biden/Harris Is No Dream Team.

Far from balancing the ticket, Kamala Harris reinforces the case against the aging Joe Biden.

David Krayden August 13, 2020

Alexander Vindman Is Still Whining.

Resentment is the ugliest human emotion, as the former lieutenant-colonel continues to demonstrate.

David Krayden August 8, 2020

Kneeling To BLM Is Not the “Pride Of The Yankees.”

It’s ridiculous to watch entire teams kneel during the National Anthem. 

David Krayden July 31, 2020

The Chaos in Urban America Is Bad Now—But Can Only Get Worse With Biden.

Biden postures as a moderate, but he won’t stand up to the left.

David Krayden July 24, 2020

The McCloskey Case Shows America Has Been Turned On Its Head.

In a normal world, there’s no way the St. Louis “gun couple” would be indicted.

David Krayden July 17, 2020

The Mount Rushmore Speech was President Trump’s Best Ever.

“Dark and divisive” it was not.

David Krayden July 10, 2020

Senator Mike Braun’s Qualified Immunity Bill Is an Affront to Conservatives.

Tucker Carlson is right - and the junior Senator from Indiana should pull his bill.

David Krayden July 3, 2020

John Roberts Is Not Just a Problem for President Trump.

He’s a crisis for conservatives.

David Krayden June 24, 2020

It’s Political Power That Really Matters To Black Lives Matter.

There’s a reason they demand people kneel.

David Krayden June 16, 2020

We Can’t Let Social Media Become the Socialist Media.

If they will censor the President, how will they treat you?

David Krayden June 6, 2020

Lockdowns Are Feeding Authoritarian Appetites.

Democrat mayors are pretty enthusiastic about jailing Americans.

David Krayden May 29, 2020