Does Swalwell Have No Shame, or Is He Just Incomprehensibly Dense?

The dishonorable Congressman should not be in public office, let alone sitting on the House Intelligence...

David Krayden December 14, 2020

Project Veritas Proves (Yet Again) That CNN Is Nothing More Than Democratic Propaganda.

Leaked meeting recordings expose how CNN president Jeff Zucker dictates what “news” means for his network.

David Krayden December 7, 2020

Without a Special Counsel, There Might Never Be a Durham Report.

President Trump needs to appoint a special council to investigate the origins of the Russia collusion hoax.

David Krayden December 1, 2020

Obama Talks and Talks and Talks About His Memoir and His Greatness.

The Former President is fixated on "truth"—something that mattered very little to him during his presidency.

David Krayden November 23, 2020

Biden Poised to Deep Six Much of Trump Legacy With Executive Orders.

Prospects for “unity” do not bode well given the Democrats’ attitude and intentions.

David Krayden November 13, 2020

Win Or Lose, Trump Has Rejuvenated the Republican Party.

Win or lose, the Republican Party will be forever changed thanks to America's 45th President.

David Krayden November 9, 2020

What’s At Stake On Tuesday.

President Trump deserves to win on November 3rd.

David Krayden October 31, 2020

In Final Presidential Debate, Trump Showed Why It’s Time for Joe to Go Back to His Basement—for Keeps.

Joe Biden is going to lose on November 3rd.

David Krayden October 23, 2020

Judge Amy Coney Barrett Has Broken Through ‘A Concrete Barrier’ And Not Just ‘A Glass Ceiling.’

President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee is handling her confirmation hearings beautifully.

David Krayden October 14, 2020

Pence Shows Harris How It’s Done, Cleaning House in Vice Presidential Debate.

“Senator Harris, you're entitled to your own opinion but you're not entitled to your own facts.”

David Krayden October 8, 2020

Biden Didn’t Implode During the First Presidential Debate—But Can’t Tell You Why He Wants to Lead America, Either.

Biden goes all in on lying, boasting, evading, name-calling, and the old standby of calling the President a...

David Krayden September 30, 2020

Talking Until (Because) They’re Blue in the Face.

Late-night hosts have traded humor for DNC talking points.

David Krayden September 22, 2020

The Academy’s New Diversity Rules Spell the End of Creativity.

The charade is over: “Best Picture” no longer means best picture. 

David Krayden September 15, 2020

Democrats Blame Trump for Riots.

No Lie Is Too Preposterous to Become a Democratic Talking Point.

David Krayden September 6, 2020