The Power Behind the White House.

Kamala Harris and the quiet pursuit of power.

David Krayden May 4, 2021

Biden Sedates America Into Accepting Even Bigger Government.

The President reveals his plan for America: a cradle to grave welfare state.

David Krayden April 29, 2021

Joe Biden Was Right About Packing the Supreme Court.

Biden is hiding behind his Court commission to pack the courts—what he once called a "bonehead idea."

David Krayden April 20, 2021

Biden’s Executive Actions on Gun Control Drive Another Nail Into Freedom.

Executive policy after executive policy, the President's pandering to the radical left shows no sign of...

David Krayden April 13, 2021

Biden’s Phony Infrastructure Plan.

The dirty politics of the “Clean” New Deal.

David Krayden April 6, 2021

H.R. 1 Is for the Democrats—Not the People.

The House Democrats' 800-page election reform bill would turn voter fraud into a way of life.

David Krayden March 31, 2021

President Biden’s Immigration Rollback Puts Americans at Risk.

Unaccompanied minors, COVID-19, drug cartels: the horrors at the U.S.-Mexico border are just beginning.

David Krayden March 17, 2021

Canceling Dr. Seuss.

The left's war on our cultural history is alarming—especially when it's backed up by Big Tech.

David Krayden March 9, 2021

The Equality Act Is Really the Inequality Act.

A world where the government gets to decide what gender and sexuality mean for the rest of us—what could...

David Krayden March 1, 2021

Rush Limbaugh: A Conservative for the Ages.

The debt that conservative Americans owe to Rush Limbaugh.

David Krayden February 23, 2021

Impeachment Was Nothing but Spectacle and Political Theater ... Just Like It Designed To Be.

Last week was nothing short of a warning to Trump supporters and Republicans to get with the Democratic...

David Krayden February 16, 2021

Military Pauses To Root Out “Extremists” and Other Enemies of the State.

The Biden administration continues its 'War on Trump Supporters,' this time targeting the military itself.

David Krayden February 8, 2021

Joe Biden Thinks He’s Tackling Climate Change, but He’s Really Sacking the U.S. Economy.

The Paris Accords and cancelling Keystone is just the beginning of life under the new climate regime.

David Krayden February 3, 2021

President Biden Talks About “Unity,” When What He Really Means Is Uniformity and Conformity.

The Biden administration's backlash against Trump supporters is quickly escalating into an all-out war.

David Krayden January 26, 2021