A Better Way to Halt Destructive Riots

Once upon a time, well-placed whispers put the fear of God in evildoers.

David Keene April 29, 2015

KEENE: Learning the difference between a wary friend and determined foe

Frustration over the shutdown debacle must not prompt a fatal brawl in the Republican ranks.

David Keene October 25, 2013

The AR-15: The gun liberals love to hate

The more than three million Americans who currently own AR-15s must wonder if any of these people know what...

David Keene January 2, 2013

The Wisconsin recall: A test of NRA's ability to deliver

As Election Day approaches, the National Rifle Association is gearing up in battleground states. With more...

David Keene September 14, 2012

Using tragedy to push gun control

Opinion: Americans are not in favor of an assault weapons ban, they aren???t afraid of gun shows attended by...

David Keene August 10, 2012

Marco Rubio: The Democrats' Worse Nightmare

Marco Rubio really scares Democrats and not just in Florida.

David Keene November 2, 2010

Obama Is Fake Baseball Fan

Barack Obama wears a cap not because he loves the game or the team whose logo appears on it, but for effect.

David Keene April 16, 2010

Book Review: Rove Shows Loyalty Has Its Downside

Karl Rove's new book offers readers a look into one America's much debated presidencies.

David Keene April 1, 2010

N.Y. 23 Really Strengthened the GOP Right

Why NY-23 race makes it more likely that the GOP will be united next fall...

David Keene November 26, 2009

ACU Chairman Responds to Politico Charges

"I cannot let such a vicious attack on my integrity and on the organization I chair go unanswered."

David Keene July 21, 2009

Congress Got It Right: Taiwan Relations Act Celebrates 30 Years

Few acts of Congress before or since have had as admirable an impact as the Taiwan Relations Act.

David Keene April 9, 2009

Obama Will Overreach and We Will Bounce Back

A few weeks ago my wife and I visited Bob Novak who, while he is no longer writing regularly, was following...

David Keene November 11, 2008

ACU Files FEC Complaint Over MoveOn Ad

The uproar over MoveOn.org’s now-infamous New York Times ad attacking Gen. David Petraeus as he...

David Keene September 24, 2007

Finally, a Balanced Portrait of Dick Cheney

Much has been written about Vice President Dick Cheney in recent years, and little of it has been flattering....

David Keene August 27, 2007