The Facts Behind the U.S. Attorney Firings

DOJ stumbling, media feeding frenzy keep story alive

David Freddoso April 5, 2007

What Killed the GOP?

It was Iraq and corruption, not conservatism

David Freddoso November 14, 2006

Chafee-Laffey Race Is Too Close to Call

On the campaign trail in Warwick, Rhode IslandVote: Who do you think will win on Tuesday?

David Freddoso September 8, 2006

Slow Down, Hillary!

Well, there goes Hillary's chance at being President of the United States.If we returned to a 55 mph speed...

David Freddoso May 24, 2006

Correction: Rep. Marshall's Views on Iraq

Yesterday's Evans-Novak Political Report passed on a misleading characterization of a November column by Rep....

David Freddoso May 11, 2006

We Weren't Surprised About Osborne

I notice a few words here about yesterday's primary elections. True, much of Capitol Hill was caught by...

David Freddoso May 10, 2006

Democrats and Corruption

So, kids, let's see if we can read between the lines of this statement from alleged bribe-taker Rep. Wm....

David Freddoso May 5, 2006

Happy Cinco de Mayo: May Day Rallies in Review

Happy Cinco de Mayo -- here are the outrageous John and Ken (of KFI fame) being interviewed on Fox 11 News....

David Freddoso May 4, 2006

Americorps: 'Enron Gone Non-Profit'

Sen. John Thune (R.-S.D.) is on the Senate floor proposing an amendment to cut $20 million from the wasteful...

David Freddoso May 4, 2006

Businesses to Be Busted for Hiring Illegals?

So what do we know from today's closures/reductions in service by some businesses? It all strongly implies...

David Freddoso May 1, 2006

Democrat Seeks Upset in Calif. 50th Vote

GOPer Kaloogian fades in today's special election

David Freddoso April 11, 2006

Ranking Ethics Democrat Under Investigation

WSJ reports on the probe of Rep. Alan Mollohan

David Freddoso April 7, 2006

Pelosi Punts, for Now, on Impeachment

What will Democrats do if they win the House?

David Freddoso March 16, 2006

Cornyn Says It Best

From John Cornyn's speech this afternoon: "There are some in this country, Mr. President, whose views...

David Freddoso January 30, 2006