Kill Thine Enemy: TV and Video Games Demonstrate the Road to Salvation

In the conflict between us and them, we know who we are, and whether or not we know them, we are certain that...

David Alan Coia July 6, 2015

Key to New Long-range Bomber Is Adaptability, Panel Says

WASHINGTON ??? When Pentagon officials finally award the contract for production of a new U.S. long-range...

David Alan Coia March 25, 2015

Conservative or liberal, gray matter may decide how you vote

Researchers in California have surmised that how one???s brain is structured suggests how a person votes or...

David Alan Coia September 25, 2012

Enviro Film Fiasco

Green film pulled following complaints over its portrayal of violence against all who won't reduce carbon...

David Alan Coia October 17, 2010

Poland's Solidarity Movement Marks 30 Years

History must give the Poles the principal credit for bringing the Soviet block to its knees.

David Alan Coia August 31, 2010

Iran Opposition Group To Stay On State Dept's Terror List?

Court says State Dept. needs to reconsider whether an Iranian opposition group should stay on its list of...

David Alan Coia July 26, 2010

Democrat Trade Inaction Cuts into U.S. Business

Democratic-controlled Congress fails to ratify Bush Administration free-trade agreements, costing U.S....

David Alan Coia July 22, 2010

Supreme Court Upholds Constitution

Yes, liberals: We have a right to bear arms.

David Alan Coia June 29, 2010

More Guns Mean Less Crime

The lastest edition of John Lott’s More Guns, Less Crime offers new data to suggest that concealed...

David Alan Coia May 29, 2010

Census Racial Designations are Illogical and Unscientific

The Census Bureau questions on race perpetuates racism.

David Alan Coia April 26, 2010

Delay in Obama Administration Recognition of Eagles Scouts Rankles Many

Some in the Boy Scouts feel that the Obama administration is not showing them any support.

David Alan Coia February 15, 2010

MEK: Terrorist Organization or Freedom Fighters?

MEK is asking that the U.S. remove the group from the foreign terrorist organization list.

David Alan Coia January 15, 2010

Concealed Carry Permits Rise, Police-Officer Killings Decline

The 41 killings of law enforcement officers in 2008 is the lowest in recent decades.

David Alan Coia December 17, 2009

New Report Exposes Special Interests Tied to Cap-and-Trade Bill

Why cap and trade passed the House this year...

David Alan Coia October 1, 2009