A campaign of shiny objects

The politician who campaigned for change now wants to change the subject.

Daniel J. Flynn May 14, 2012

Elizabeth Warren goes native

The senate candidate gets a rude introduction to the tribal politics of Massachusetts.

Daniel J. Flynn May 7, 2012

President Ma??┬▒ana

A president who only speaks in the future tense doesn't have much of a future.

Daniel J. Flynn April 30, 2012

Hope isn't what it used to be

Young people gave Obama their votes. Obama has given them debt and despair.

Daniel J. Flynn April 23, 2012

Imagine no income tax

It's easy if you try.

Daniel J. Flynn April 16, 2012

The Masters and our masters

Does a country club not retain the freedom of association enjoyed by the National Organization for Women?

Daniel J. Flynn April 9, 2012

Hell is other liberals

Keith Olbermann and Al Gore find each other unbearable.

Daniel J. Flynn April 2, 2012

A media show trial

George Zimmerman has much in common with his detractors.

Daniel J. Flynn March 26, 2012

Cheap money, expensive gas

Beyond-our-control Barack bestows blame for ballooning bills.

Daniel J. Flynn March 19, 2012

Feminazis versus Rush

The advocates of women's rights assault First Amendment rights.

Daniel J. Flynn March 12, 2012

The road to hell...

The 'unforeseeable' bad consequences of good intentions are increasingly foreseeable.

Daniel J. Flynn March 5, 2012

The risks of playing 'Risk' in Syria

The Reaganism 'Don't just do something, stand there!' certainly applies here.

Daniel J. Flynn February 27, 2012


Advice from our first president to our forty-fourth.

Daniel J. Flynn February 20, 2012

Bad faith

Americans elected Obama their president, not their pope.

Daniel J. Flynn February 13, 2012