'Pro-Life' Democrats Fall Silent

The Democratic convention served only to reinforce the party's strong abortion uniformity.

aallott September 9, 2008

'Pro-Life' Democrats Fall Silent

The Democrats’ convention proved that on abortion, they will tolerate nothing less than...

aallott September 9, 2008

Darfur's Half-Decade of Genocide

U.N. efforts to quell the violence continue in failure.

aallott March 14, 2008

A Glimmer of Hope for Pro-Lifers

Tide is turning on abortion-depression argument

aallott November 16, 2006

Can the Left Close the God Gap?

Liberals misunderstand how Americans view religion

aallott September 27, 2006

Dems Ignore Abortion's Negative Effects

Stop giving tax dollars to Planned Parenthood

aallott August 1, 2006

Terri Schiavo: A Legacy of Love

Reflecting on Terri's life, one year after her death

aallott March 31, 2006

Congress Must Act on Post-Abortion Depression

Impact on women's lives is too great to ignore

aallott January 23, 2006

GOP Agenda Reform: What Happened to Social Security and Marriage Protection?

Last Tuesday, during his first solo press conference since May, President Bush made an unusually candid...

aallott October 13, 2005

Eric Rudolph and the Abortion Mentality

“Abortion is murder, and because it is murder, I believe deadly force is needed to stop...

aallott August 2, 2005

Changing Hearts Is Most Effective Method for Eliminating Abortion

The goal should be a society where abortion is unwelcome

aallott February 2, 2005