Venezuela's Education Lesson

Seizing control of the country's public and private schools is next on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's...

llips October 4, 2007

Remembering Who Opposed President Clinton's Education Plan

Before No Child Left Behind, President Clinton had his own plan for education reform. While it is not...

llips August 16, 2007

School Choice: The Democrats' Dilemma

Democrat presidential candidates sing the same anti-choice tune but a new group -- Democrats for Education...

llips July 19, 2007

No Child Left Behind and the Race to the Bottom

As Congress prepares to decide the future of No Child Left Behind, it seems everyone has become an expert on...

llips June 20, 2007

A Welcome Show of Support for State and Local Control in Education

The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly last week in favor of the principle of state and local...

llips May 10, 2007

Fund the Child: A Better Way to Help Disadvantaged Students

Funding and decision-making authority should follow the student, not programs

llips April 10, 2007

Educational Freedom in the Wake of No Child Left Behind

Rep. Hoekstra pushes a return to conservative principles on federal education policy

llips March 5, 2007

Federalism: The Path to School Choice

Utah embraces nation's first universal school voucher initiative

llips February 20, 2007

The State of Federal Education Policy

No Child Left Behind has proven ineffective

llips January 24, 2007

Three Paths on Education Reform

Will conservatives block NCLB's reauthorization?

llips January 23, 2007

The Real Problem of Rising College Costs

Democrats plan to tackle college affordability

llips January 3, 2007

When Liberals Love School Vouchers

Democrats want to expand Pell Grant program

llips December 22, 2006

Name Department of Education Building After LBJ

For better or worse, it embodies his legacy

llips December 15, 2006

How the NEA Would Solve Dropout Crisis

Union wants more spending, government control

llips November 27, 2006