Print Media: Next Government Bailout?

Forget a free press, try paying $30 billion to fund left-wing journalism.

Dan Gainor March 18, 2010

WSJ and the Murdoch Saga

Journalists continue to oppose Journal bid from ‘predatory capitalist’ Murdoch

Dan Gainor June 28, 2007

Media Embrace Gore for Fun and 'Prophet'

Journalists support Captain Planet with almost religious zeal

Dan Gainor March 28, 2007

When Should Information Not Be Free?

'Open access' plan is a governmental boondoggle

Dan Gainor December 21, 2006

Media Far From Objective on Climate Change

Why I testified before the Senate EPW Committee

Dan Gainor December 7, 2006

Media Tell Stories That Are 'Bad for You'

Life is out to get you, according the news reports

Dan Gainor November 17, 2006

CNN All Wet When It Comes to Economy

Lou Dobbs and Jack Cafferty try to sway your vote

Dan Gainor November 6, 2006

New Conspiracy Theory: Cheaper Gas

CNN's Jack Cafferty puts on his tinfoil hat

Dan Gainor September 20, 2006

Big Media Repeatedly Wrong Claiming 'Record-High' Gas Prices

A new low for 'record' highs

Dan Gainor June 8, 2006

New Media Hysteria on Global Warming

The latest catastrophe is really nothing new

Dan Gainor April 6, 2006

Media Downplay Danger of Hugo Chavez

Network news shows don't see the coming storm

Dan Gainor March 2, 2006

Syriana: 'Realism' or a Left-Wing Assault on Oil?

Big Oil is the bad guy in George Clooney's movie

Dan Gainor December 12, 2005

Big Media??¢â???¬â???¢s Family Values Focus on Preserving Big Labor

Union members who bucked the establishment were called insurgents

Dan Gainor August 16, 2005

Networks Ignoring the Coming Fannie Mae $11-Billion Bailout

Will you pay for Fannie Mae's scandal?

Dan Gainor April 6, 2005