Obamacare Misses Major Deadlines

The largest, most sweeping government takeover of health care in modern history is a bloated, bureaucratic...

Connie Hair October 5, 2010

White House at Confab with Muslim Brotherhood

White House appointee rubbed elbows with Muslim Brotherhood front organizations at the Organization of the...

Connie Hair October 4, 2010

One Trillion Attend One Nation Rally

The One Nation rally had empty streets and by all reports parking spaces aplenty.

Connie Hair October 2, 2010

Proud Socialists March at Left-Wing Protest in D.C. (VIDEO)

The so-called "One Nation" rally, led by labor unions, was an attempt to counter Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor...

Connie Hair October 2, 2010

Thuggish Behavior Raises Lawmakers' Ire

In another item on the list of demands to follow up on in January, three GOP lawmakers want answers for a...

Connie Hair October 1, 2010

Congress Schedules Lame Duck Session

The House and Senate have set the schedule for a lame duck session in Congress to begin the week of November...

Connie Hair October 1, 2010

Obama Tax Hikes in Place; Democrats Vote to Adjourn

House Republican Leader John Boehner excoriated Democrats for voting to adjourn until after the...

Connie Hair September 29, 2010

Fort Hood Jihadi Attack Nears One-Year Anniversary

As the terrorist attack on Fort Hood, Texas, nears the one year anniversary, Congress is set to vote on a...

Connie Hair September 29, 2010

Medicare Advantage Plans Eliminated for 3 Million Seniors

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) have made a capricious decision to eliminate certain Medicare...

Connie Hair September 29, 2010

Halting Lame Duck Mischief

Three special Senate elections could provide insurance for the GOP to stop liberal lame duck legislation.

Connie Hair September 29, 2010

Senators Demand Probe of Private Tax Info Release of Obama Opponent

Seven GOP senators are seeking a Treasury Inspector General (IG) for Tax Administration investigation into...

Connie Hair September 28, 2010

Obama Kneecaps Airlines

The Obama administration set Big Labor on the easy road to cannibalize the airline and rail industries and...

Connie Hair September 27, 2010

ACORN Spinoff Smacked Down by HUD Inspector General

A new report out from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) inspector general recommends placement of ACORN...

Connie Hair September 24, 2010

Senate Judiciary Vote Thursday for Five Fringe Obama Judges

The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote today on five of President Obama’s leftwing fringe...

Connie Hair September 23, 2010