Jujitsu for Conservatives

To be effective, conservative organizations, independents, Libertarians, Republicans, and tea partyers must...

Chuck Norris June 14, 2011

Saluting Our Stellar Examples

Each Memorial Day, we honor and commemorate all of our fallen warriors. The day holds a special meaning for...

Chuck Norris May 31, 2011

Loser-Pays Tort Reform

Corrupt plaintiffs often initiate frivolous lawsuits because they know most defendants will settle out of...

Chuck Norris May 17, 2011

The Phoenix Rising for Phoebe Prince

While tougher penalties and anti-bullying legislation might provide some aid, those solutions are merely...

Chuck Norris May 10, 2011

Holy Week, Holy Shariah? (Part 1)

The main point here is this: Where Islam and Islamic culture have spread, Shariah has shortly followed.

Chuck Norris April 19, 2011

Exaggerating US Border Violence?

The only ones exaggerating are the feds.

Chuck Norris March 22, 2011

Feds and Unions: Foes to Educational Reform

Choice is something the feds and teachers unions are not exactly thrilled about offering.

Chuck Norris February 22, 2011

What the Feds Can Learn From Egyptian Internet Control

Squelching criticism and invoking Internet kill switches are outlandish overreaches.

Chuck Norris February 8, 2011

Why Not Freeze Foreign Spending, Too?

Our Founders would not endorse the global presence we have today...

Chuck Norris February 1, 2011

Will The 112th Congress Finally Get It Right?

Good morals precede good laws...

Chuck Norris January 4, 2011

A Leader We All Can Follow

I know you'll join me in giving thanks this Thanksgiving for leaders like Amos and all the rest of our...

Chuck Norris November 23, 2010

Nothing Certain Except Death and a FairTax

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."

Chuck Norris November 16, 2010

Even Hillary Agrees!

Extrapolate Obama's debt and deficit numbers over a prospective eight years and Bush looks like a coupon...

Chuck Norris September 14, 2010

Obama: Muslim Missionary? (Part 4)

In this part, we'll continue to look into Obama's prejudicial treatment of Christianity and the changes he...

Chuck Norris September 7, 2010