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Captain Charles T. ‚??Chuck‚?Ě Nash USN (RET) is the founder and President of Emerging Technologies International, Inc. (ETII). For 25 years before that, Capt. Nash served as an officer in the U.S. Navy, as Naval Aviator. Currently he is a Fox News Channel Military Analyst and frequently appears on the network to discuss military, terrorism and aviation issues. He also appears on the U.S. State Department sponsored Arabic language satellite television channel ‚??AlHurra‚?Ě and can be heard on local and regional radio stations across the U.S., on the Radio America Network, Canadian Broadcasting‚??s flagship morning program, ‚??The Current‚?Ě and on Right Talk Radio, the internet radio service. Chuck is a guest speaker on issues that include: POL/MIL issues, future military capabilities, and the impact of technology on the military.