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The author, a former Deputy National Security Advisor in Israel, now a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and a Schusterman Fellow, recently published a study of the US-Israeli dialogue on the Iranian nuclear program.

Bibi Answers Obama

Israel's Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu responds to Obama and the two-state solution.

cfreilich June 16, 2009

After Olmert

Israel is embroiled in an ongoing political crisis, stemming from the systemic failings of its parliamentary...

cfreilich August 4, 2008

Peace With Syria?

The Syrian regime is heinous, but the Saudi regime -- a US ally -- is even more so...

cfreilich July 8, 2008

Disavowing the Iran NIE: Smoke Screens or Smoking Guns?

Iran, emboldened by its ability to "get away with it", may now further accelerate its pursuit of nuclear...

cfreilich February 20, 2008

Attacking Syria: Focusing on Iran

In 1981 Israel destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor in Osirak and in so doing did the world a great favor. It...

cfreilich September 18, 2007

Teheran's War by Proxy

With the summer upon us, some may have forgotten that there is a war on. No, not the one in Iraq, no one can...

cfreilich July 10, 2007

Olmert: Doing Herod Proud

Olmert arrives in Washington strengthened at home, but facing daunting challenges externally

cfreilich June 20, 2007

Peace In Our Time?

If the Bush Administration would just leave well enough alone. Withdraw from Iraq, leave the Iranians to...

cfreilich June 13, 2007

A Palestinian Refugee Camp?

15,000 Palestinians fled their northern Lebanese refugee camp last week, following the worst outbreak of...

cfreilich May 29, 2007

Olmert's Failure

Hizballah is rejoicing. The special commission the Israeli government appointed to investigate its own...

cfreilich May 2, 2007

Iraq: Consequences of Withdrawal

With the current partisan debate on Iraq raging in Congress, it is time to consider the reality there and...

cfreilich March 21, 2007