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Christopher A. Guzman is a Human Events intern through the National Journalism Center. He majored in Political Studies with an emphasis in American Politics from The Master???s College.

CONSERVATIVE SPOTLIGHT: Americans United for Life

Americans for Life is devoted to safeguarding the sanctity of life.

cguzman June 19, 2010


Promoting free-market solutions to both social and economic problems.

cguzman June 12, 2010

Conservative Spotlight: The Bradley Foundation

The foundation recently awarded its 2010 prizes.

cguzman May 22, 2010

Conservative Spotlight: The Claremont Institute

The Claremont Institute seeks to immerse everyday citizens in the core principles of the Founding Fathers.

cguzman April 24, 2010

Conservative Spotlight: Keep America Safe

This week's Spotlight is Liz Cheney's Keep America Safe, an organization dedicated to enhancing the national...

cguzman April 17, 2010

Tea Party Holds Tax Day Rallies

Conservatives activists coming to Washington to protest Obama economic policies.

cguzman April 15, 2010

Stupak Foes Flock to Facebook and Twitter

Stupak’s election rival gaining rock star status.

cguzman March 23, 2010

'Dying' Lockerbie Bomber Apparently Recovers

Diagnosis suspect, release now even more outrageous.

cguzman March 22, 2010

Barrasso Faults Environment Committee Oversight

EPA CO2 Finding should be investigated.

cguzman March 17, 2010

Gay Marriage Legislation Enacted in Washington D.C.

New law opens debate on whether non-sanctioning states are obligated to recognize legally married gay couples.

cguzman March 15, 2010

Stark Too Wacky for Ways and Means Chair

Speaker Pelosi wanted a loyalist to control committee after Rangel.

cguzman March 5, 2010

Posey Leads The Way Against New SEC Climate Change Disclosure Requirements

Commission voted down party lines for new guidelines.

cguzman February 24, 2010

CPAC Panel Discusses Conservative Efforts in New media

Conservatives must know how to effectively use online social media to promote their ideas.

cguzman February 22, 2010

TARP Hasn't Cured Financial Crisis

Special inspector general says program has fallen short of its financial goals.

cguzman February 3, 2010