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Mr. Toto is a freelance reporter and film critic for Movies in Toto, the movie community at His work has appeared in People magazine, MovieMaker Magazine, The Denver Post, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and The Washington Times. He provides movie commentary for the nationally syndicated Dennis Miller Show and runs the blog What Would Toto Watch?

Sizzling Cynicism of 'The Ides of March' Burns Out in the Finale

George Clooney's effort about our jaded politics deserves a look, despite the liberal director's naive...

Christian Toto October 8, 2011

J. Christian Adams' 'Injustice' Exposes Justice Department's Racism

The Black Panther voter-intimidation case is just one piece of a civil rights agenda gone haywire.

Christian Toto October 5, 2011

Straw Dogs Remake a Lesser Breed Than the Original

Rod Lurie transposes the original plot from 1970s Britain to the American South, and it's a bumpy ride.

Christian Toto September 17, 2011

Soul Surfer an Uplifting Ride

This rare mainstream Hollywood film about the power of faith crests through the star's inspired performance,...

Christian Toto April 10, 2011

Michel J. Faulkner Lost a House Bid, but His Book's an American Winner

'Restoring the American Dream' is a must-read for those who have lost their faith in our God-given freedoms...

Christian Toto April 2, 2011

A Guidebook for Reining in Big Government

"Power Divided Is Power Checked" makes a compelling case for states' rights by tracing the history of federal...

Christian Toto February 24, 2011

An All-Out Rollback Is Our Only Hope, New Book Contends

This author clearly breaks down the causes of our economy's impending downfall through big-government bloat's...

Christian Toto February 20, 2011

Great Acting Articulates Film's Human Drama

Superb performances by Colin Firth and his co-star make up for the smugness and predictable plot of The...

Christian Toto January 29, 2011

These Are The Times That Try Men's Souls

Paine’s 18th-century wisdom is applicable now, finds book editor John Armor.

Christian Toto November 15, 2010

Four Lions: A Review

Four Lions dances along edges of comedic delight and amateur terrorists’ explosive missions without...

Christian Toto November 14, 2010

Film Review: Fair Game

Fair Game only fair: Clich??©s, predictability, and a lackluster story and script leave little scope for...

Christian Toto November 6, 2010

Congressman Offers Blueprint to Restore the Republic

Rep. Devin Nunes' new book diagnoses the country's ills and offers solutions in a straightforward way.

Christian Toto October 10, 2010

Tips for a Red State Uprising

Republicans need to sell the virtues of a smaller, more efficient government, say authors Erick Erickson and...

Christian Toto October 2, 2010

Obama's War Against Fox News

Obama hearkens to a time when the media could hide stories it wanted to hide, and Fox News didn't exist to...

Christian Toto October 1, 2010