Stop Shoving Obama Down Our Throats

The mainstream media's idol worship of Obama won't help the economy, the country, or our new president.

cadler January 27, 2009

Pictures Deceive In Gaza, But the Facts Don't Lie

Israel is losing the international PR war.

cadler January 7, 2009

The Plagiarism Ticket: From Whom Will They Take Their Mottos?

Will the Obama-Biden Ticket Set a New Record for Most Plagiarism in One Campaign?

cadler August 23, 2008

McCain the Ascender, Obama the Condescender

Walking the Walk and Talking the Double Talk

cadler August 18, 2008

McCain Campaign Should Become More Sun Tzu and Less Sun Dole

Senator McCain ought to enunciate these 7 indisputable truths...

cadler July 28, 2008

When Will Obama Exit This Race?

When will the candidate finally drop out of the race for the presidential nomination of the Democratic...

cadler May 5, 2008

Can Barack Obama Still Win?

If Barack Obama had to be compared to a shoe product right now, it would have to be Crocs.

cadler April 24, 2008

Denial's Death Star

In the world of developmental disability, there is no development more dangerous than denial.

cadler January 2, 2008

Al Gore's Dynamite Ideology

Can we please keep our eyes on the prize? If we do we will conclude that Uncle Albert got the prize, not for...

cadler October 16, 2007

NBC Proud Part of the Culture of Death

If Imus offended university students, can you imagine how much offence NBC delivered by enabling a mad man to...

cadler April 23, 2007

Green is Good, Greed is Good

cadler March 5, 2007