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Mr. Weinberger is the son of the late U.S. Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger. A 1968 graduate of Harvard College, Weinberger is a writer and lecturer on world events. A former television writer, producer and director for NBC affiliate KRON-TV in San Francisco, he served in both California Gov. and President Ronald Reagan's administrations. He now resides in Maine.

Remembering Cap Weinberger's Combat Doctrine

A year ago today, as I write this column, my father, Caspar Weinberger, whose resume included being Ronald...

cweinberger March 30, 2007

Iran: New Voices But Same Message

The U.S. must hold Iran responsible for its rhetoric

cweinberger March 23, 2007

Rocks in Our Head

NASA admits it has no idea how many potentially Earth-annihilating space objects threaten the planet

cweinberger March 16, 2007

Remembering the Worthy

If obituaries were ranked by resumes we would have all been spared the drama played out in the news media...

cweinberger March 9, 2007

110th Congress: Same Game, Same Tune

The new Congress came to Washington in January to really change the way the Legislative branch does business....

cweinberger February 28, 2007

Extra! Read All About It! Iran Wants to Talk!

Extra! Extra! Breaking News! Guess What? Now, Iran is ready to talk about its uranium enrichment program! Who...

cweinberger February 22, 2007

Russian Goals Have Never Changed

Putin's dreams of world domination remain unaltered

cweinberger February 13, 2007

Mexican Peasants Want the Government's Ear on Corn Issues

cweinberger February 8, 2007

China Needs Journalists It Can Trust

Voices of truth and reason should no longer be silenced

cweinberger February 2, 2007

U.S. Finally Getting Serious About Iran

State Department seems to be changing its tune

cweinberger January 24, 2007

Agreement in Afghanistan Can Pave Way for a Fully Funded War on Terror

Other theaters are worthy of immediate attention

cweinberger January 18, 2007

Finally, We Take the Fight Beyond Iraq

Somali strikes are promising sign in war on terror

cweinberger January 11, 2007

Ford's Death Represents End of an Era

Former president put his country before himselfWashington Remembers Ford | Rightometer

cweinberger December 28, 2006

Gates Proving Already He Is No Radical

Bush's hasn't changed basic position on Iraq War

cweinberger December 22, 2006