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Mr. Weinberger is the son of the late U.S. Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger. A 1968 graduate of Harvard College, Weinberger is a writer and lecturer on world events. A former television writer, producer and director for NBC affiliate KRON-TV in San Francisco, he served in both California Gov. and President Ronald Reagan's administrations. He now resides in Maine.

China: Who Shall Watch the Watchers?

Behind the major news stories now emanating from China concerning the preparations for the summer Olympic...

cweinberger August 15, 2007

Democrats Cave on Issues of Our Basic Defense

When it comes to supplying our military with what they need, Democrats played politics but eventually, they...

cweinberger August 9, 2007

U.S. Now Plans Monetary Aid to the Enemy

America is trying to be friendly with Pakistan but trusting a country with strong ties to radical Islam will...

cweinberger July 24, 2007

Al-Qaida: Immediate Action Necessary

If you cut off the head, the tail will follow

cweinberger July 13, 2007

When North Korea Talks, No One Need Listen

The gang running the closed-in police state launched a series of short range missile tests last week which...

cweinberger July 2, 2007

Hamas Rushes In ... at Iran's Command

Hamas keeps the Mid-East stirred up. Hamas is ruled by...

cweinberger June 25, 2007

Out Paced

General Peter Pace is out today because politics dictate that he be out

cweinberger June 11, 2007

Putin Threatens Europe

Will France surrender preemptively

cweinberger June 5, 2007

W Posts a W

Democrats caved completely by lop-sided votes of 280-142 in the House and 80-14 in the Senate

cweinberger May 29, 2007

More Obstruction from Congress on Iraq Funding

Here come the managers of Congress once again trying to control our military and reign in George Bush on the...

cweinberger May 14, 2007

Vive la France

Who would have thought it possible? Especially after the Jacques Chirac years when American-French relations...

cweinberger May 7, 2007

Yeltsin Brought A Bit of Democracy to Russia

Boris Yeltsin, who died on Monday at the age of 76 in Russia, was the country’s first freely elected...

cweinberger April 25, 2007

Halting a Chain Reaction

Iran seems intent on going fully nuclear no matter what any other nation may think, and is doing so with...

cweinberger April 19, 2007

Leave Pelosi on a Damascus Road

Condoleezza Rice walked into the House of Representatives the other day and strode purposefully to the...

cweinberger April 11, 2007