Celebrating the Declaration of Independence

Although the American people had endured the infringement of their rights for many years under British rule,...

Brian Vanyo July 4, 2013

Redistributing Wealth: Stealing under the Guise of Law

Any popular government committed to liberty must preserve the people???s property, for if it does not, then...

Brian Vanyo June 7, 2013

Unsustainable, Unconstitutional General Welfare Spending

Sitting before the Senate Budget Committee last year to discuss Obama???s 2013 budget, Geithner confessed...

Brian Vanyo May 29, 2013

Unsustainable, unconstitutional general welfare spending

This is why our spending is neither right, nor correct.

Brian Vanyo May 3, 2013

Federal Income Tax turns 100

In truth, it wasn???t needed at all. Total federal tax revenue was at an all-time high in 1913.

Brian Vanyo April 19, 2013

The illegitimate federal commerce power

Instead, the commerce power was viewed as a necessary but limited means to preserve free trade in America.

Brian Vanyo April 5, 2013

Our Bill of Rights: Limiting federal power

Of course, the framers of the Constitution never set out to create a government with unbounded power.

Brian Vanyo March 17, 2013

Owning our failures to change our way

In fact, the Articles really didn???t create a national government; it established a ???league of...

Brian Vanyo March 1, 2013

The Meaning of our American Creed

In 1776, the American people were at war, fighting to preserve the common principles that bound them together...

Brian Vanyo February 15, 2013

The origin of the American creed

In his second inaugural address, Barack Obama challenged us to live out the meaning of our creed as stated in...

Brian Vanyo February 1, 2013

The oath of office: making it meaningful again

Barack Obama will soon stand before Chief Justice John Roberts to recite the presidential oath of...

Brian Vanyo January 7, 2013