Federal Spending Increased to $30,000 per Household in 2009

President Obama and Congress have no right to demand higher taxes until they first clean up this wasteful...

Brian Riedl December 18, 2009

Congress' $3,000 per Household Tax Increase

Congress has voted to raise taxes for every American taxpayer, while offering no spending sacrifices...

Brian Riedl March 24, 2008

Bush Budget Reins in Entitlement Costs

The President focuses on what really matters: entitlements

Brian Riedl February 6, 2007

How Democrats Can Make PAYGO Work

Is Pelosi serious about reining in the budget?

Brian Riedl January 3, 2007

Fiscal Conservatives Declare Victory Over Wasteful Agricultural Subsidies

But the real winners are American taxpayers

Brian Riedl December 6, 2006

Congress Returns to Spending Bills Loaded With Pork

An estimated 10,000 pork projects await approvalLIST: Pork projects in FY 2007 appropriations bills

Brian Riedl November 16, 2006

Still Spending: Senate to Bust Budget Caps by $32 Billion

Taxpayers won't be fooled when they receive tax bill

Brian Riedl September 26, 2006

Runaway Spending Threatens America's Fiscal, Economic Future

Observations from the Mid-Session Review

Brian Riedl July 12, 2006

Four Ways to Reduce Government Waste

Key elements of a government waste commission

Brian Riedl July 11, 2006

Three Easy Steps for Responsible Budget

Free-spending Senate will be biggest obstacle

Brian Riedl March 24, 2006

RSC Budget Provides Serious Blueprint for Spending Restraint

Conservatives' 'Contract' makes necessary choices

Brian Riedl March 10, 2006

Bush's Budget Lacks Bold Reforms

Strong in short term, but long-term challenges

Brian Riedl February 7, 2006

State of the Union Reforms: President Calls For Spending Restraint

Bush proposed less new spending than is typicalNTU: Record-Low Price Tag for New ProgramsThe Health Care...

Brian Riedl February 1, 2006

A Grim Budget Picture Awaits Us

Congressional budget projections are problematic

Brian Riedl January 30, 2006