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Brian Darling is Editor at Large for Human Events. He is also Sr. Vice President for Third Dimension Strategies, a strategic communications public relations firm in Washington, D.C. Darling served as Sr. Communications Director and Counsel for Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) from 2012-15. Before his tenure with Sen. Paul, Darling served in three different capacities with The Heritage Foundation. Follow him @BrianHDarling on Twitter.

Cut, Cap and Balance 2013

The House Republican Study Committee has put out a budget for Fiscal Year 2013 as a supplement to the Rep....

Brian Darling April 2, 2012

Deficits do matter

America is at a crossroads where politicians need to keep taxes low while taking an axe to the waste.

Brian Darling March 26, 2012

President Obama hates American conservatism

On March 12, President Obama blamed high gas prices on "speculation about possible war in the Middle East"...

Brian Darling March 19, 2012

Conservatives stalk Congress

Now there are new factions in the House and Senate: the small Tea Party Caucuses, led in the House by Rep....

Brian Darling March 12, 2012

The timid party

Conservatives have been fighting a long and lonely fight for balancing the federal budget without raising the...

Brian Darling March 5, 2012

The Obama budget -- dead on arrival

The president’s budget is merely a campaign document.

Brian Darling February 20, 2012

Are earmarks returning?

What's on the agenda for Washington this week...

Brian Darling February 13, 2012

Obama presidency on life support

Last week, a poll indicated that President Obama have to pack his bags for the unemployment line.

Brian Darling February 6, 2012

Filibuster Obama

President Obama kicked off the New Year with four unconstitutional appointments.

Brian Darling January 30, 2012

Guns & Patriots Podcast Episode 33

G&P editor Neil W. McCabe , who went to 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, here gives his look back to Brian H....

Brian Darling January 24, 2012

President Obama's job-killing environmental extremism

The job-creating Keystone XL pipeline isn't going to happen, thanks to President Barack Obama.

Brian Darling January 23, 2012

Liberal hate speech increasing

Even the President has referred to Republicans as "hostage takers."

Brian Darling January 16, 2012

Obama's unconstitutional power grab

The President has ignored the clear words of the Constitution.

Brian Darling January 9, 2012

Guns & Patriots Podcast Episode 30

Bring in the New Year with Heritage Senior Fellow Brian H. Darling and Neil W. McCabe, the editor of the G&P,...

Brian Darling January 2, 2012