Your identity is up for grabs

Look out, your identity is likely in the hands of a fraudster.

Bre Payton March 4, 2015

Got a student loan? The government is putting your data at risk

And it seems the federal government really doesn???t give a damn.

Bre Payton January 30, 2015

Teachers don???t like risk-taking, study finds

Students in a masters of teaching program avoided riskier choices at a significantly higher rate than law or...

Bre Payton November 10, 2014

5 things to know about new charter school fraud report

The amount of fraudulent spending in districts remains an unknown figure.

Bre Payton October 6, 2014

The Department of Education can???t even count

The DOE doesn???t know for sure how many comments the public submitted to it nearly four months ago about the...

Bre Payton September 10, 2014

Cost of hiking wages: It???s not just hiring wage cops

There's a cost to enforce it, too.

Bre Payton August 15, 2014

Boosting min. wage doesn???t mean more jobs

This article originally appeared on Raising the minimum wages doesn???t necessarily equate to...

Bre Payton July 25, 2014

California doesn???t know how many multiple voters it has

California doesn???t have a statewide database.

Bre Payton July 3, 2014

Virginians with drug convictions regain voting rights

This article originally appeared on PURCELLVILLE, Va. ??? People with prior drug...

Bre Payton May 1, 2014

GOP names their man in VA special election; AG recount casts its shadow

Republicans named their candidate in the special election for the Lt. Gov.-elect.

Bre Payton November 25, 2013

Obamacare advocates rally at empty offices

???We don???t need anybody there as long as we have press and social media and pictures and it will be in the...

Bre Payton September 26, 2013

200 teens hit campaign trail
for Cuccinelli

Reports have surfaced that Cuccinelli has shaken up his campaign strategy and staff.

Bre Payton September 18, 2013

Inmate one step closer to getting Virginia to pay $20k for her sex-change operation

A U.S. District Court Judge ruled that a pre-operative transexual is entitled to get evaluated by a gender...

Bre Payton September 1, 2013