Online Gaming Falsely Blamed For Money Laundering

Rob Manfred, the new commissioner of Major League Baseball, has been making noises about rescinding Pete...

Brian McNicoll November 20, 2015

Update The Electronic Communications Privacy Act

Lately, most of the ideas we???ve gotten from California have been a bit kooky. But the California...

Brian McNicoll November 18, 2015

Only One-Third of ObamaCare Exchange Money Went To ObamaCare Exchanges

We had to pass Obamacare to see what was in it, and now we???ve had to see it in action to realize how bad it...

Brian McNicoll November 11, 2015

The Battle for Chairman of Ways and Means Heats Up

As soon as Paul Ryan, R-Wis., becomes Speaker of the House, the race will be on for his current post,...

Brian McNicoll October 28, 2015

The Federal Government Should Stay Out of Fantasy Sports Scandal

Atop the pile of accusations now confronting FanDuel and DraftKings, the fantasy sports websites that have...

Brian McNicoll October 26, 2015

Privacy Law Adapted to a New Technological World in Age of Cloud Computing

That stuff Edward Snowden was talking about has begun to cost us money.

Brian McNicoll October 22, 2015

The Inter Partes Review Process is Working, Even For Pharmaceuticals

Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., says the patent review process created during the last round of patent legislation...

Brian McNicoll October 8, 2015

Crony Capitalism Driving Nevada Energy Controversy

Before long, NV Energy, the Warren Buffett-owned utility that serves southern Nevada, will run short of...

Brian McNicoll October 6, 2015

Proposed Internet Gaming Moratorium Violates Federalism

You know a legislative idea is a dud when even Sheldon Adelson???s millions can???t get it enacted. But that...

Brian McNicoll September 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton Wrong on Drugs

Here is a sentence you don???t see often in Washington these days ??? Tom DeLay was right.

Brian McNicoll September 24, 2015

Nativism and Protectionism Creeping into Open Skies Debate

Only nice people fly United. And Delta. And American. But those other airlines, the ones with the funny names...

Brian McNicoll September 16, 2015

To Help the Poor, We Should Increase Energy Supplies, Not Subsidies

My friend Myron Ebell, a true hero of the American environmental movement, had given a long interview on why...

Brian McNicoll September 14, 2015

Congress??? 10th Amendment Heroes Should Defend Federalism

Sometimes when I go to my hometown of Shreveport, La., for Christmas, I visit the local casinos. The one...

Brian McNicoll September 11, 2015

Protectionism In Air Travel Hurts American Consumers

Ron Phillips, director of the Monroe (La.) Regional Airport, said it is ???well past time??? for the Obama...

Brian McNicoll September 2, 2015