Senate was warned about Obama's end run on Iran

The Senate failed to do its job during Kerry's confirmation hearings, and now the nation faces the prospect...

Betsy McCaughey March 11, 2015

Nation big winner if court strikes down Obamacare subsidies

On March 4, the fate of Obamacare is in front of the Supreme Court again. At stake are the subsidies intended...

Betsy McCaughey March 2, 2015

Feds fiddle while superbugs spread

Superbugs are making it increasingly dangerous to go to a hospital.

Betsy McCaughey February 25, 2015

VA reform DOA

President Obama and the Veterans Administration bureaucracy are already sabotaging the VA reform law passed...

Betsy McCaughey February 18, 2015

Obamacare replacement: More covered, fewer pained

The tables are turning.

Betsy McCaughey February 12, 2015

Moving the goal posts

When is a deal not a deal? When it's with Barack Obama.

Betsy McCaughey February 4, 2015

Obamacare vs. cancer cures

Even Republicans gushed with enthusiasm when President Barack Obama announced funding for personalized...

Betsy McCaughey January 28, 2015

Cadillac tax: Clunker for labor, opportunity for GOP

There's one part of Obamacare that even Democrats hate.

Betsy McCaughey January 21, 2015

CDC no longer keeps us safe

Until last year, polls showed the CDC was the most trusted federal agency. But then the CDC bungled its...

Betsy McCaughey January 14, 2015

'The nurse will see you now'

Next time you're a patient, ask whether your "health care provider" is a doctor.

Betsy McCaughey January 7, 2015

Taxes destroy

New Yorkers are escaping high taxes and dismal job growth.

Betsy McCaughey December 31, 2014

What Hillary Clinton won't discuss

You need to know how much more coercive "health reform" could be if Hillary Clinton were to be elected...

Betsy McCaughey December 24, 2014

Cromnibus winners and losers

If you want to know how your tax dollars will get spent next year, the answers are in Cromnibus.

Betsy McCaughey December 16, 2014

Gruber: Cog in White House lie machine

So much for Obamacare controlling costs.

Betsy McCaughey December 10, 2014