Proposed Global-Warming Bills and Regulations Will Hurt, Not Help

Even the EPA itself admits that regulations they are pushing on fossil fuels will be burdensome.

blieberman November 13, 2009

The Economy, Not the Polar Bear, Now Endangered

The polar bears are fine. It’s our economic future that’s endangered.

blieberman May 15, 2008

New Book Challenges Global-Warming Threats and Left's Flawed Solutions

'Politically Incorrect Guide' takes on environmentalist hysteria

blieberman February 12, 2007

Interior's Energy Inventory: Abundant Domestic Supplies Off-Limits

Because Congress has failed to alter regulations

blieberman December 14, 2006

Offshore Drilling Bill: One Small Step for Energy Supply

Opens door for expanding domestic resources

blieberman December 6, 2006

American-Made Energy from ANWR at a Modest Cost

More U.S. oil = more economic and energy security

blieberman August 11, 2006

Time to Remove Barriers to Boosting Oil Refining Capacity

Regulatory relief is long overdue

blieberman July 27, 2006

Senate Should Adopt Comprehensive Plan for Deepwater Oil, Natural Gas

Big solutions needed as soon as possible

blieberman July 27, 2006

It's Time to End Restrictions on Offshore Oil Drilling

Domestic energy production doesn't keep pace

blieberman June 22, 2006

Lift Tariffs on Foreign Ethanol

Consumers would benefit with free trade

blieberman May 15, 2006

Our Natural Gas Problem Is Self-Imposed

Opening Lease Sale 181 is big step toward solution

blieberman March 15, 2006

Raising Taxes on Oil Companies Is No Way to Reduce Gas Prices

Lawmakers shouldn't penalize, subsidize industries

blieberman March 2, 2006

SOTU 2006: Dusting Off the Old Energy Policy

No doubt, President George W. Bush struggled to come up with something new on energy policy for his State of...

blieberman February 1, 2006

Opening ANWR Should Be in State of the Union Speech

Nobody outside of the Administration knows for certain the contents of today’s State of the Union...

blieberman January 31, 2006