Three potential paths post-Obamacare ruling

They amount to a path toward doing nothing, a path toward doing something, and a path toward doing everything.

Ben Domenech March 11, 2015

How would states respond to unsubsidized Obamacare?

If the Supreme Court does decide to once again save Obamacare from its own legal failings, it could be a...

Ben Domenech February 23, 2015

The need for CBO reform

During the past week, the House voted to direct the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to use ???dynamic...

Ben Domenech January 15, 2015

The coming battle over Obamacare replacement

Congressional Republicans agree about the majority of what they want to do when it comes to replacing...

Ben Domenech December 3, 2014

Republicans have opportunities to force Obamacare changes

Obamacare now faces new and unprecedented opposition and challenges.

Ben Domenech November 20, 2014

'Exchanges have become like Medicaid'

Providers are trying to make up the difference from lost insurance revenue with a host of new charges.

Ben Domenech October 30, 2014

John Kasich tries to have it both ways on Obamacare

When it comes to making the case for Obamacare???s persistence, few Republicans have been as insistent as...

Ben Domenech October 22, 2014

Obamacare???s abortion fiction

That Obamacare would not represent an expansion of taxpayer funding for abortions was one of the most obvious...

Ben Domenech September 18, 2014

Obamacare???s job losses

There is little question by this point that Obamacare???s impact on wages and employment has been a negative...

Ben Domenech September 11, 2014

Has Obamacare poisoned the well for all health policy reforms?

America???s health care system was not a free-market system prior to Obamacare.

Ben Domenech September 4, 2014

Can post-Obamacare reform be exchange-based?

Is it possible to co-opt Obamacare???s endorsement of exchanges to achieve free market reforms?

Ben Domenech August 27, 2014

Obamacare and the aims of progressivism

Healthcare, historically, has been an arena populated in America by a host of civil society institutions.

Ben Domenech August 25, 2014

A new plan to replace Obamacare

Could prove to represent the most realistic path for future reform if the politics of the issue does not play...

Ben Domenech August 14, 2014

Obamacare is more unpopular than ever

The latest poll numbers are in.

Ben Domenech August 7, 2014