Modern-Day 'Poll Tax' Costs GOP Votes

Non-felons are being targeted by activist judiciary

wweinstein October 4, 2006

Boycott Tourism in Arizona and Mass.

Punish McCain, Kennedy where it hurts: the wallet Bay State Boycott Gets Ink in Boston Herald

wweinstein June 23, 2006

Update: Law Victims Organize

“A revolt of the judiciary is more dangerous to government than any other, even a military revolt. Now...

wweinstein May 12, 2006

Update: Boycott That Amnesty Law

Earlier this month, I made the case on the Right Angle for a boycott of states whose senators support an...

wweinstein April 27, 2006

Law Victims Organize

In a sprawling yellow two story house in the seaside Boston suburb of Hull a 50ish, balding and chunky lawyer...

wweinstein April 9, 2006

Boycott That Amnesty Law

the senator heads out into the sunset.

wweinstein April 7, 2006

Three Questions I Would Ask Alito

Republicans must strike back at Democrats' attacks

wweinstein January 11, 2006

Thank Goodness Our President Isn't a Lawyer

To all Democrat lawyers in Congress, please take note. President Bush is not a lawyer and as such has...

wweinstein December 23, 2005

Why Is No One Blaming Bill Clinton for Understating Terror Threat?

President Bill Clinton understated the intelligence threats to America after the first bombing of the World...

wweinstein November 23, 2005

In Defense of Lewis Libby

Lewis Libby is the victim of a conscience-shocking grand jury indictment, secured entirely by entrapment....

wweinstein November 10, 2005