George Washington on Cannibalism and Gender Identity

I saw a video on Huffington Post the other day in which the "reporters", with camp condescension, laughed at...

Austin Washington April 24, 2015

What Would George Washington Think of the Gyrocopter Pilot Who "Attacked" Congress?

This week a postman rode a "bicycle with wings" to the Capitol, carrying with him a bag of 535 letters...

Austin Washington April 18, 2015

Wrecking Anne Hathaway???s Wrecking Ball

Anne Hathaway recently did a stripper inspired dance on LL Cool J???s lip-syncing show, (gyrating to Miley...

Austin Washington April 11, 2015

April Fools! It???s Not Yet Spring

Kurt Vonnegut said that if you stop looking at the heavens, and keep your eyes here on earth, you???ll find...

Austin Washington April 1, 2015

Christmas War or Christmas Truce ??? Which is more Christmassy?

George Washington, you are forced to conclude when you look at his entire life, viewed Christmas much the way...

Austin Washington December 24, 2014

How George Washington would tell you to celebrate the Fourth

Let's consider what we should be doing to keep the spirit of 1776 alive.

Austin Washington July 4, 2014

What would George Washington think? Clive Bundy edition

Whose side would out first president be on?

Austin Washington April 17, 2014

What would George Washington think? - Obama???s Crimea comment

America's new mission: Spreading hypocrisy abroad.

Austin Washington March 18, 2014

What would George Washington think about the Crimea?

He wouldn't want the Kiev government bossing him around anymore than the government in Moscow.

Austin Washington March 11, 2014