Articles by hhaynes

Mr. Haynes is a California State Assembly member representing Riverside and Temecula. He serves on the Appropriations and Budget Committees and is a frequent contributor to

California Liberals Attack Our Freedom

Thank goodness the legislative session is over

hhaynes September 8, 2006

You Can Count on Angelides for Tax Hike

Why not to vote for Arnold's Democrat opponent

hhaynes August 25, 2006

California Suffers From Bilingual Blues

Israel could teach us lesson or two on assimilation

hhaynes July 20, 2006

Why I Boycotted President Fox

His presence here was arrogant and offensive

hhaynes June 2, 2006

It's All About the Documents

And that applies to illegal immigrants, too

hhaynes May 10, 2006

Just What About 'Illegal' Do They Not Understand?

Lawbreakers demand U.S. citizenship

hhaynes April 17, 2006

It's Groundhog Day in California

Reliving the same liberal legislature over and over

hhaynes February 14, 2006

Arnold Should Study Reagan's California

What happened to ideas and persuasion?

hhaynes December 13, 2005

California's Stupidest Exercises of Power

Assemblyman Haynes' 4th annual Nosey Awards

hhaynes November 16, 2005

When Will the California Bureaucracy Learn?

Another "more government" health care solution

hhaynes August 11, 2005

Liberal Legislature Shelves the California Border Police

My Democrat colleagues on the Assembly Judiciary Committee recently killed ACA 20, the constitutional...

hhaynes August 1, 2005

A Bunch Of Drunken Sailors

California Legislature??¢â???¬â???¢s Democrats on a spending spree

hhaynes July 13, 2005

Missing the Target on Crime in California -- Again

The Legislature that couldn't shoot straight

hhaynes June 29, 2005

The California Border Police

A very simple idea for enforcing immigration law

hhaynes May 10, 2005