Hollywood & Slime: Apocalypse Now Showing on YouTube

And confirmed, as usual, by the latest developments in Tinseltown and Nashville.

Andrea Billups November 12, 2011

Hollywood & Slime: Not-So-Subtle Bad Omens for Kardashian Nuptials

Groom Kris pretty much called Kim a loser before an international TV audience...

Andrea Billups November 5, 2011

Hollywood & Slime: 'Occupy Neiman Marcus.' Stand Up for the Forgotten Footwear Percent

And how apropo. Has-been rockers of the Tea Party Web name sure are digging their capitalist windfall.

Andrea Billups October 29, 2011

Hollywood & Slime: Lady Gaga for Bill Clinton at Hollywood Bowl

"Caught in a Bill romance." There was a time back in the '90s ...

Andrea Billups October 22, 2011

Hollywood & Slime: Good Query for Occupy Wall Street Gang: Change Exactly What?

Let's charge by the head for this zany sit-in, so at least America has something to show for it.

Andrea Billups October 15, 2011

Hollywood & Slime: Steve Jobs' Words to Live By

Out of the cubicle and into the street (not necessarily Wall Street, though. It's pretty smelly these days.)

Andrea Billups October 8, 2011

Hollywood & Slime: The Silence Says It All: Splitsville for Ashton & Demi

Estrogen levels have already dialed up to the danger mark, and Kutcher's not even on the market yet.

Andrea Billups October 1, 2011

Hollywood & Slime: Everyday Joe on YouTube: That's Entertainment

Phew! Louis Vuitton's handcuff clutch, in a boutique near you, arrives in time for an S&M-themed Halloween.

Andrea Billups September 24, 2011

Hollywood & Slime: Who Says Republicans Can't Rock Out?

On the other side, it's hard not to admire the down-home straight talk of James Carville.

Andrea Billups September 17, 2011

Hollywood & Slime: Eddie Murphy Gets Oscars Gig

No way the funnyman can be a bigger flop than last year's awkward Hathaway-Franco act.

Andrea Billups September 10, 2011

Hollywood & Slime: Jobs? What Jobs?

Forget about dreamy George Clooney's help, America. He's not President material.

Andrea Billups September 3, 2011

Hollywood & Slime: Hellfire and Brimstone in D.C.

An earthquake followed by a hurricane is no coincidence. Somebody up there is pissed off.

Andrea Billups August 27, 2011

Hollywood & Slime: Candidate-and-Corn-Dog Photo Ops

The terrain here is just too fertile for a crop of smutty, snarky plays on words.

Andrea Billups August 21, 2011

Hollywood & Slime: Who'll Land the Osama-nator Role in Tinseltown's Gift to the Jihad?

And ... Happy Holidays: Congress bakes while Washington burns.

Andrea Billups August 12, 2011